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Vriska Serket ([personal profile] fairygodtroll) wrote2016-02-06 03:15 pm
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Backtagging: Yes please
Threadhopping: Encouraged, I love that shit
Fourthwalling: Preferably not!
Offensive subjects (elaborate): Nothing I can think of!

Hugging this character: She'll probably bite you but SURE
Kissing this character: She's like fourteen and again will probably bite you. If it's still appropriate uh sure
Flirting with this character: As long as it's age appropriate obvs
Fighting with this character: Absolutely. Fight Vriska. Punch her in her stupid face.
Injuring this character: Generally fine, but ask first for anything severe (lbr who doesn't do that anyway)!
Killing this character: Ask first.
Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: n/a in snowblind lbr. But sure 8V

Warnings: Vriska is awful and horrid and offensive and a bully and my problematic fave. I will understand completely if you want to opt out of threads with her in any capacity, just drop me a comment (you can use my HMD if you'd prefer your comment be screened)!

I won't be colouring her text in game but she'll still li8erally sprinkle the num8er 8 throughout her texts like a fucking tool. ::::) Let me know if you want to opt out of that too, and I'll make sure she uses text/voice for your character/s!